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Foothill Falcons App

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Rahul's introduction to his project

On the first day of freshman year, I was struggling to find my classes. Instead of taking a shortcut to get from my second to third period class, I walked around the entire building. This was while using the 2D map provided in the organizer. The 2D map proved to be inefficient for me and other freshmen struggling to find their classes. This proved to be another challenge for me as I had to adjust to the transition from middle to high school and familiarize myself with the campus. This is why I created the Foothill Falcons app. This app will enhance the student experience of the students at the school. It will allow the student to digitally walk through the school without actually being there. Over the summer, I have assembled a group of students to help me achieve my vision of the app. Right now, I have a full team of students to help me out over the summer and will help out in the development of the app.

What We Will Be Doing: