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FTC Robotics Team: Nuts and Volts (#19882)

We are the FTC Robotics team, Nuts and Volts (#19882) comprised of 6 members.

Sidarth Raman

I am Sidarth and I am currently a junior at Irvington High School. Some of my hobbies are chess, cars, basketball, and taekwondo. I have a great interest in mathematics and a great passion for robotics. This year, I want to not only expand my experience in robotics but also spread my engineering passion to others.

Anvesh Sharma

I am currently a junior in Irvington High School. My hobbies include soccer and swimming. I started volunteering for robotics in middle school and after taking an internship on self-driving cars I have moved on to the second year of the First Tech Challenge. I hope to have a fun year further exploring my passions of coding and 3d modeling.

Amesh Kumar

I'm Arnesh Kumar and I am a junior at Irvington High School. I love to play basketball and code. My favorite school subjects are computer science, chemistry, and math. I love coding and I am excited to use my skills in coding through the First Tech Challenge in my first year of robotics.

Pranav Angadi

My name is Pranav Angadi. I am a junior going to Mountain House High School. I enjoy teaching in a non-profit that I founded called Chroniva. I also self-published a Java programming book called "Hello World: An introduction to programming in Java.". Overall, I always strive to learn more and grow with everything I do.

Arjun Ganesan

I am a junior at Irvington High School and very experienced in mathematics, physics, and hardware which I bring to the Nuts and Volts Robotics team. I hope to improve on cadding, building, and engineering.

Praneet Joshi

I am a junior at Irvington High School. Other than school, I enjoy playing badminton and reading about our COSMOS. I also love building and working with electronics, circuits, and a variety of different tools. The First Tech Challenge is a great way for me to work with friends in a team while applying my skills to use and learning new ones.